Dean McLeod

Generation X’r, creative, lateral thinker, practical, logical, hard worker, traveler, explorer, caffeine addict, introvert, extrovert, humorous and friendly!

“Hi there, I’m Dean McLeod and I’ve been working in change management most of my working career. I specialise in the field of Supply Chain but have also had experience in many facets of business and have been involved in the change process from design to delivery and everything in between.

“The understanding of ‘Why’ is the key to any change project. Getting the human engagement is always key to any change proposition and helping the key stakeholders, users and benefactors understand the ‘Why’ is key to a successful change implementation.” ~ Dean McLeod

With over 30 years experience in supply chain, 20 of those years working for myself as a contractor and consultant, I’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s leading businesses (Masport, Sanitarium, Fonterra, Placemakers and the Waikato District Health board to name a few)  to help design, implement and complete many supply chain improvements and change projects.

Comfortable in dealing with all levels of staff, from senior management to entry level school leavers, I get on with most people and have a friendly, casual, firm but fair approach to any project I’m involved with.

I’ve worked with many ERP systems and understand the dynamic of the grey matter interface between people, process and systems and how to get the best out of all.I really love exploring the opportunity change presents and being able to help people understand why the change and getting to grips with the expected outcomes. Designing and improving process and sorting out the ‘grey’ areas is where I love to play.

If you are looking for the right person to help with your change project, supply chain management or general project management then look no further.”

Services Offered

  • Change Management
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • General Business Consulting
  • Forensic Auditing - Process, Inventory, Operations
  • Contracting
  • Temporary Management
  • Workshops/Training
  • Facilitation


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